Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2021

Demanding justice beyond rhetoric

Time to overcome contradictions and hypocrisy in the COVID-19 crisis

Download the full report here (pdf, 2,6 MB)



Chapter 1 - Diverging recovery - deepening inequalities

By Barbara Adams and Jens Martens, Global Policy Forum


Special Contribution 1.1 The struggle for the TRIPS waiver

By K.M. Gopakumar, Third World Network


Special Contribution 1.2 COVAX: Risks and side effects of multi-stakeholder governance

By Harris Gleckman, Associate, Transnational Institute


Special Contribution 1.3 The WHO pandemic treaty proposal: responding to needs or playing COVID geopolitics?

By Nicoletta Dentico, Society for International Development (SID)


Special Contribution 1.4 Challenging decades of privatization and de-funding of public services

By Daria Cibrario, Public Services International (PSI)


Special Contribution 1.5 IMF Special Drawing Rights - a historic financial boost to counter the COVID-19 crisis?

By Bodo Ellmers, Global Policy Forum


Special Contribution 1.6 Large corporations cash in on COVID-19 recovery

By Matti Kohonen, Financial Transparency Coalition


Special Contribution 1.7 The UN Food Systems Summit - the wrong way to respond to the global food crisis

By Magdalena Ackermann, SID and Charlotte Dreger, FIAN


Special Contribution 1.8 What have we learned about gender equality during the pandemic?

By Vanita Nayak Mukherjee and Shree Baphna, DAWN


Special Contribution 1.9 Recovery in education: The imperative to support and invest in the education workforce

By David Edwards, General Secretary, Education International


Chapter 2 - Exacerbated crisis in many countries

By Roberto Bissio, Social Watch


Special Contribution 2.1 Citizens Monitoring COVID-19 Response Programmes: The Philippine experience

By Social Watch Philippines


Special Contribution 2.2 Lebanon's multiple crises

By Rasha Fattouh, Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND)


Special Contribution 2.3 Lessons from Colombia: To address the causes of social unrest, be serious about progressive tax reforms 

By Sergio Chaparro Hernández, Center for Economic and Social Rights


Special Contribution 2.4 Time for feminist transformative policies: Towards a national care system in Argentina

By Corina Rodríguez Enríquez, DAWN


Special Contribution 2.5 Vulnerabilities and policy priorities for South Africa's COVID-19 third wave

By Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ)


Chapter 3 - Time for transformative policies at all levels


Chapter 3.1 - A rights-based economy: In critical times, a roadmap for action

By Kate Donald, Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)


Chapter 3.2 - Now is the time to reclaim public services

By Daria Cibrario, Public Services International (PSI)


Chapter 3.3 - Steps to prevent a global debt and austerity pandemic

By Isabel Ortiz, Global Social Justice, and Matthew Cummins, Senior Economist